With the object in view of stimulating a greater interest and development in the sport of soccer in our area and creating an enthusiasm which, by reason of our example will serve to awaken a spirit of emulation and cooperation to the same.

Consonant with the most liberal spirit of tolerance in the achievement of our purpose, we agree that in the vigorous pursuit thereof, that this organization shall at all times maintain an attitude strictly non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-sectional. Nor shall we, as an organization, take part in political issues of the affairs of the City or State.



The name of the organization shall be TERRACE BRIER SOCCER CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club.


The purpose of the club shall be to provide supervised competitive athletics and to teach and develop the game of soccer for all youth players in the Greater South Snohomish County area.


The objective of the Club shall be to develop physical fitness, mental alertness, honesty, loyalty, courage, reverence, leadership, good sportsmanship, and encouragement of courtesy, gentlemanly conduct, and respect for authority by players, officials and spectators. The manner of play will be emphasized above victory at all times.


The program of the Club shall be competitive athletics, mass participation (as resources allow), wherein every player assigned to a team shall play a minimum of five minutes per half unless there are discipline issues. All players must be properly registered.


Uniforms and equipment purchased by the Club shall remain the property of the Club in accordance with the STANDING RULES.


The Club operates under the auspices of MOUNTLAKE TERRACE YOUTH ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, INC, hereinafter referred to as MTYAA.


The club shall be affiliated with the WASHINGTON STATE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as WSYSA, and other local affiliated associations as required to meet our purpose, and be the subject to their rules.


GENERAL: The Club shall be non-profit and shall not allow contributions of funds to individuals of teams. The Club shall not have the power to enter into any financial obligations binding the Club beyond the fiscal year as set by MTYAA. Within limits of the budget as adopted by the general membership and approved by MTYAA, the Board shall have the power to reallocate funds assigned to the various budget items provided that at least two-thirds (2/3) of the board members are present and voting at any meeting where such action is contemplated. Any reallocation must be reported to the membership at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting. If time is of the essence, funds may be reallocated by a fifty percent (50%) vote of the membership at either a general membership meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose.

A registration fee will be assessed on athletic participants to cover insurance and other such costs, which are of direct individual benefit to any participant. This Registration fee will be waived for the children of active board members and year-round volunteers.

All fund raising ventures undertaken by the club will be approved by the general membership and submitted to MTYAA for approval.

FINANCES: Annual fees for player registration shall be proposed by the Board and approved by the general membership.

The Club will open in conjunction with MTYAA a checking account at a local chartered bank designated by the MTYAA Board of Directors.

The Club treasurer will ensure that deposits and payments are made in a timely manner. Only one member from a household will be authorized to sign checks.

BUDGET: An annual Club budget will be prepared in writing and submitted to the MTYAA and the general membership for their acceptance.


Membership will consist of all registered player, parents of players, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and Board officers. Nominations for Board positions will be open to anyone that has an active interest in furthering the purpose of the Club.


The government of the Club will be under supervision of the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board. The Board will be elected by the Club membership according to ARTICLE XI of these Bylaws. The Board will administer the affairs of the Club in accordance with the Bylaws. All matters concerning the program policy of the Club will be decided by a vote of the membership at a regular or special meeting. The Board will consist of the officers of the Club.


GENERAL: The officers of the Club will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Director of Player and Coach Development, Club Soccer Director, Mod Soccer Director, Micro Soccer Director, Director of Referees, Field Manager, Equipment Manager and Publications Director. Tenure shall be two years. No Person shall serve in the same office for more than (2) consecutive terms. Two people may share any of the offices. In the case of office sharing, both office holders must be elected and both shall have voting privileges on any matters that come before the board.

The President and a designated Board Officer will serve on the Board of Directors of the MTYAA.

ELECTIONS: A nominating committee shall be elected by the general membership at the September general membership meeting. The nominating committee shall report their list of candidates at the November general membership meeting. Elections of officers shall be held during the December general membership meeting.

No person may hold more than one position on the Board.

VACANCIES IN OFFICE: In the event the office of the President becomes vacant the Vice-President will assume that office.

In the event of any other vacancy, the Board may appoint an acting officer to serve until the next general membership meeting, at which time nominations shall be made from the floor with consent of the nominee. A majority of all votes cast is necessary to elect.


PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club. He/She must see to it that the membership of the Club is properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies relating to the purpose and objectives of the Club and MTYAA. He/She is authorized to appoint individuals to carry out duties of the office with the approval of the majority of the Board. He/She will serve as ex-officio member on the committees except the nominating committee.

VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President will be the Club Representative to the South Snohomish County Youth Association and shall attend all meetings in the absence of the President and will work with the other Officers and Committee Members, carry out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.

SECRETARY: The Secretary will keep the minutes of all meeting and will be responsible for meeting notifications. The Secretary will maintain a record of Club activities and will conduct all correspondence of the Club.

TREASURER: The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Club funds, and will maintain and report on Club funds.

REGISTRAR: The registrar will be responsible for receiving registration forms and proof of age for all players. He/She will also receive applications and risk management forms for coaches, assistant coaches and team managers. The registrar will record all information received in an approved database and administer the database in a way that ensures responsible use of the information collected. In addition he/she will keep the paper records in good condition and carry out any and all duties proscribed to club registrars by the WSYSA.

DIRECTOR OF COACH AND PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: He/She will be responsible for advancing the skills and education of players and coaches. Preparing coach and player clinics as well as recommending clinics available through other sources will be a major component of this position. He/She will also be responsible for reviewing coach's annual evaluation forms and making recommendations regarding approval of new coach's applications.

YOUTH SOCCER DIRECTOR: He/She will be responsible for the age groups Under 11 through Under 19. This officer will help new players find the most suitable team as well as help teams find suitable players to complete their rosters. He/She will also work with coaches in regard to a team's placement in a competitive division.

MOD SOCCER DIRECTOR: He/She will be responsible for the age groups Under 8 through Under 10. This officer will help new players find the most suitable team as well as help teams find suitable players to complete their rosters. He/She will also work with teams in regard to coaching needs and the objectives in mod soccer.

MICRO SOCCER DIRECTOR: He/She will be responsible for the age groups Under 6 and Under 7. This officer will help new players find the most suitable team as well as help teams find suitable players to complete their rosters. He/She will also need to recruit new coaches, form new teams and oversee the game schedules.

DIRECTOR OF REFEREES: This officer will be responsible for recruiting and training of referees for the Club. He/She will schedule the officials for Club games as required by seasonal and tournament schedules. He/She will also record and/or verify referee time sheets before submitting to Club Treasurer for payment.

FIELD MANAGER: The Field Manager's job will be to assure the readiness of all fields used by the Club. He/She will schedule all practice times for Club teams and coordinate game schedules.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER: The Equipment Manager's job will be to acquire, maintain, store and distribute Club uniforms, balls, marking equipment and supplies as authorized by the Board.

PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR: He/She will be responsible for acquiring and publishing information useful to the Membership. Primarily this will be done through regular distribution of the Club newsletter and website as authorized by the Board.


GENERAL: All coaches and assistant coaches must submit a coach's application form, comply with risk management procedures, sign the code of conduct form and be approved annually by the Board.

RESONSIBILITIES: Coaches will endeavor to keep order and respect for the authority of the referee and assistant referees during the game; shall not allow any discourtesy against officials by themselves, their players or their spectators. Coaches shall be responsible for the actions of their teams on the field and will be required to follow the rules and regulations of the Governing Body in which his/her team plays.

Coaches will be held responsible to maintain and keep a record of all equipment they are issued and will assist in the collection of fees, registration forms and proof of age documents as required by the Club.

Coaches must have a Medical Release Form with them at all times for practices and games in the event of a medical emergency occurring when the parents are unavailable and cannot be contacted.


GENERAL: General Membership Meetings of the Club will be held on the fourth Tuesday of March, May, August, September and November.

SPECIAL: Special Membership meetings may be called by the following methods:

  1. The President may call a special meeting when he/she feels the affairs of the Club dictate.

  2. When requested by a majority of the Board.

  3. By submitting a written petition to the President and/or the Secretary of the Club. The petition shall include signatures of no less than 15 members of the Club. Special meetings shell be held within Fourteen (14) days of the date of receipt of the petition.

Notification of special membership meetings will be given in writing, e-mail or telephone communication. Coaches will be notified a minimum of 5 (5) days in advance of the meeting.

BOARD: Regular Board Meeting: The Board must meet monthly. Notification of time and place will be made at each general membership meeting or by published calendar. In cases of change of dates during the month, coaches will be notified either by telephone, e-mail or by written communication.

SPECIAL BOARD MEETINGS: The President or a quorum of the Board may call a special Board meeting as needed.


The following committees, except as noted below, will be nominated by the Board and elected by the general membership.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The Budget Committee will consist of at least three people. It will be chaired by the Treasurer. The Budget Committee will develop an annual Club budget within the anticipated annual income.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE: The Fund Raising Committee will coordinate all fund raising activities.

REGISTRATION COMMITTEE: The Registration Committee will consist of at least three people. It will be chaired by the Registrar. This Committee will review player registration forms and procedures annually and submit any recommended changes to the Board.

FIELD DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: This Committee will consist of at least three people. It will explore field development opportunities, make recommendations to the Board and oversee any development projects that may be approved.

ANNUAL AWARDS COMMITTEE: This Committee will organize the annual awards banquet for Club teams and referees. It will propose the date, time and budget for Board approval.


A quorum at a Board meeting will consist of fifty percent of the Board.


The Club shall have the right to suspend and/or expel any member or player whose conduct is detrimental to the best interest of the Club. This shall be determined after a formal hearing conducted by the Board. The causes of suspension, rights of the suspended, arraignment and trial, penalties, rights of appeal, appeals and reinstatement shall be in accordance with the MTYAA Constitution and By-Laws.


MEETINGS: Meetings of the Club will be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order except when in conflict with these By-Laws.

BY-LAWS: Proposed revisions to the Club By-Laws will be submitted in writing at a general meeting, read at the next regular general meeting and voted on at the following general meeting. Passage of the revisions will be by at least two-thirds majority of the members present. All changes will take effect immediately.

STANDING RULES: The Standing Rules shall remain in addendum to these By-Laws. Standing Rules shall include but not be limited to the current Playing Rules. Proposed revisions to the Standing Rules will be submitted in writing to the General Membership at the next general meeting and will be voted on at the next general meeting. All changes will take effect immediately except if voted on during the current playing season (September 1 through December 31st) and those then will be effective at the end of the season.