Announcement Regarding Fall 2020 Season
Posted Apr 30, 2020

Registration will open May 4th (Monday). 

Dear TBSC Families,

As a club, one of our highest priorities right now is doing what we can to keep our kids playing this fall. 

As a board, we have discussed several areas for what we believe we can do to help our families in this time of uncertainty.  That’s why we have identified a series of actions we are implementing as part of our TBSCares initiative.

First and foremost, we recognize that many of our families could be impacted by current economic conditions.  Therefore, 2020 Fall Registration fees will not increase over last year.

While our costs have been increasing steadily over the past several years, whether for field, insurance, referees, or uniforms; our financial position has remained healthy.  As a result, we have been able to maintain registraion fees without an increase for nearly 10 years.  During this time, we have remained one of the only local clubs which provides a full uniform for every player, included as part of registration fees. Further, we do not require fundraising or sponsorships for our teams.

However, while it has become necessary for us to adjust our registrsation fees, we feel this year is not the time to do it.  Therefore, our fees will remain unchanged this season and we will defer any changes until next season.

While maintaining our fee structure is important for our families, our goal remains a SAFE and FUN soccer experience while still holding true to our TBSC culture and community.

In order to balance the impact of increaseing costs while keeping fees unchanged, we are looking at the following adjustments for the 2020 Fall season compared to our typical program.

We will still provide jerseys for every player as part of registration, however, shorts and socks will be player provided this season.  Many local clubs require families to purchase uniforms separately.  We still believe a TBSC jersey, with a TBSC crest, is part of what brings us together.  It makes us family.  So your jersey is something which is important to us.

We will be partnering closely with all our coaches to maximize use of available practice fields.  While this may reduce flexibility of practice days, times, and locations, it mitigates one of our single largest expenses: field access.  A side benefit, however, is it will increase connection with the club community as more teams practice together.  It may even lead to other fun such as impromptu scrimmages, mixed drills, finding friends on other teams, etc.

We are encouraging experienced coaches to share their no longer needed equipment by passing it down to our new coaches.  This will help us reduce expenditure of new coach equipment.

We will prioritize referee availability on older age games, with U9 games possibly being officiated by coaches (similar to U8).  The stay at home order has led to referee classes being cancelled, resulting in a significant reduction in certifications compared to this time last year. This also saves on referee fees for the club.

We are investigating a payment plan option for this year.  This would be available for all players registered in the month of May and will require only 50% of the player fees at the time of registration.  The remainder to be paid in early July.  (more info will be available shortly)

Additionally, we need your help in our community - ways in which your involvement in TBSCares will help to get more players out on the fields.

Forest Crest Fields Beautification!  We have started an agreement with the City of Mountlake Terrace for TBSC to use Forest Crest Fields at a dramatically reduced cost.  As part of this agreement, our club will invest our energy and sweat in our home field used for our youngest ages.  This is a one day event later this summer and it will need your help by doing things like policing trash and laying down bark/march.  More to come!  Reach out to Michelle Durant (U6/7) or Reg Daly (U8) for more info or to help us coordinate this event.

Equipment Locker/Exchange!  Share the player equipment you’ve outgrown with the next generation of players.  Cleats, shinguards, balls, uniforms for practice jerseys, etc.  Think of this as like the “Buy Nothing Brier” Facebook group or the band uniform lockers, but for TBSC. We are looking for a few parents to help organize, collect/distribute, and communicate this program with our families.  Contact Steve Winckler if this is something you (and maybe a friend or two) would be interested in spearheading. 

What makes TBSC special is our community - our volunteers, our players, our families...YOU!  Now more than ever we need each other.  #TeamTBSCares

We can't wait to see our family again!


Fall Registration Opens May 4th

25th Annual FREE Spring Clinic

Free Clinic to be rescheduled to late summer! Stay Safe! | More Info



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Congratulations to our 2019 Fall CHAMPIONS!!!

BU11 Extreme – NCYSA Division Champions & Turkey Shoot Finalist
BU14 Spartans – NCYSA Division Champions

GU15 Jaguars - Turkey Shoot Finalist
HS Girls Red Royals – NCYSA Division Champions
HS Boys Screamin Eagles - NCYSA Division Champions
BU19 Arsenal (NPSL) – Washington Youth Soccer State Founders Cup Semi-Finalist

In addition to winning their division, the Red Royals coached by Efrain Medina were CHAMPIONS of the Washington Youth Soccer State Recreation Cup!

Also, the GU12 Purple Sharks were again our “TBSC Community Champions” - hosting the 2nd Annual TBSC Community Food Drive, collecting over 1,700 items which was about 20% more than the year before.

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