Platform Migration Information

When: Between Apr 23rd and May 1st, 2021

What: TBSC Migration to a new registration platform called Sports Connect

Details on what to expect can be found below.


The primary reason for adopting Sports Connect is that our current platform is being retired - routine in the software industry. Our new platform is with the same vendor; already coming with a lot of improvements and efficiencies for the overall registration and club administration experience.


  • A 'shopping cart' style check-out experience, with incomplete cart reminders in case you forget to fully complete your registration.
  • Member financial accounts which span registration events, providing a complete view of your account.
  • Dramatically improved email confirmations and notices; with more detail included rather than just the cryptic options we have now.
  • Website and registration designed with a mobile based experience in mind.
  • Secure Birth Certificate upload directly in platform for age verification; no more worrying about the security of emailing your birth certificates.
  • Seamless integration with North County and Washington Youth Soccer.
  • Coach registration can now be done at the same time as player registration. PLUS…submit certification and background checks from directly within our Sports Connect portal. No more two step, two site coach registration process.
  • Streamlined Scholarship Request process.
  • New, modernized Website experience.
  • Continued Team Site/Mobile App.

Existing User Data Migration:

  1. If you have been active in the last 2 years, you will receive an email from Sports Connect portal to create a new username/password. Check you spam folder in case it does not show up in the next week or so.
  2. Use the link in the email to complete registration and the bulk of your account info will have been migrated for you. MAGIC!
  3. Some aspects of your profile may still need to be completed due to platform differences and data migration coverage. However, you should not need to start from scratch.
  4. While only users who have been active in the last 2 years will be notified; all existing users will have their information migrated and their accounts created. Simply, they are not proactively notified as they are more likely to be aged or inactive accounts.

Additional Expectations:

  1. There will be a period of time where both websites remain active and our domain may not yet redirect to the new website. We'll be sure to share a direct link in the meantime, as necessary.
  2. Even if you are a returning player and already age verified, the first time you register on the new platform we''ll need you to upload your birth certificate as that indicator does not migrate.
  3. WYS now asks a set of standard questions in the registration process which you will now see at the start of the registration form. In the big picture, these help the integrity of the registration process though initially it may seem like more questions/steps. Hang in there with us.
  4. There are loads of support options via Sports Connect should you encounter registration challenges.
  5. We will likely learn along the way; so we'll try to share tips and suggestions via our website as they occur.

Not only will you as parents need to learn the new tricks of the platform; the entire board will also be learning new step and tools as club admins. We're all same team.

We're excited and looking forward to it.

TBSC Board of Directors