Practice Fields

It is the coaches' responsibility to arrange for practice field times. You must have permission to practice on TBSC fields.

See the Field List below for fields that are available, and follow the procedures and guidelines under Request Practice Fields.

Special Note:

  • The Edmonds School District requires that the goals be removed from Brier Terrace Middle School and Evergreen 4 after practice and games. Be sure you know if you are the last practice or game and move the goals accordingly. Teams not complying with this requirement will lose their practice time on the field.
Request Practice Fields

How to make a practice field request:

  1. Review the field information carefully.
  2. Send your request by email to the TBSC Field Manager. Please put "TBSC field request" in the subject line.
  3. Include three requests in your email message and rank them in order of preference. Each request must include field(s), dates, and times for the entire recreational season, which ends the middle of Nov.
  4. You must also Include any practice requests for fields prior to listed availability dates for tracking purposes.
  5. Starting practices earlier on most school fields, like in July, may be possible. It's just that potential conflicts with other permitted activities exist and have priority.
  6. These requests cannot be officially granted, and it's up to each coach to investigate the fields' availability outside valid TBSC issued permits that start in August.
  7. Include your name(s), email address(es) and phone number(s) in the message.


  1. The listed fields and available dates/times may change as we get updated information.
  2. The information listed may change as we approach the fall season. It is based on information from previous years.
  3. The school districts and cities typically issue permits in August.
  4. You must let us know if you make individual arrangements for some other field/facility for insurance coverage purposes.
  5. We will be as fair as possible and fill requests based on the date/time stamps of the e-mail requests received.
  6. We cannot accommodate requests made by phone due to the difficulty in processing and tracking them. All requests must be made electronically.
  7. You will be contacted once we have processed your field requests.
  8. Fields are commonly shared by 2-4 teams. Please work together in order to allow all teams fair access to goals and other field equipment/space usage.
  9. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.
Fields Permitted to TBSC for Practicing - 2017

Field Name

Field Address

Primary Age Groups

Availabe Date

Notes & Availability

Forest Crest Playfield 52nd and 236th, Mountlake Terrace U6 - U8 8/1 - 10/31 All grass areas in outfields of baseball diamonds. Only available through October.
Cedar Way Elementary - Lower 22222 39th Avenue, Mountlake Terrace U9 - U10 8/1 Grass fields behind school
Brier Elementary 3625 232nd Street SW,
U8 - U12 8/1 Grass fields behind school
Brier Terrace Middle School 22200 Brier Road, Brier U11 - U12 8/1 Grass football field, north side of school
Mountlake Terrace High School - GRASS field 21801 44th Ave W, Mountlake Terrace U13 - U19 8/1 Grass field behind school next to turf field
MLT Evergreen 4/5 (E4/5) 22800 53rd Ave SW, Mountlake Terrace U13 - U19

8/1, 4:30-6:00pm only

Behind MLT Pavilion. Grass, between baseball fields and outfields.
Former Alderwood Middle School 20000 28th Ave W,
U9 - U19


Grass football field behind school. No goals available.
MLT Evergreen 1 (E1) 22200 56th Avenue, Mountlake Terrace U9 - U19

10/1 - 11/16

Sand/Dirt Field w/ lights
Meadowdale HS Turf 6002 168th SW,
U13 - U19

10/16 - 11/16

Turf field behind school w/ lights. Only available in mid Oct on Mons & Weds.