Upcoming Referee Clinics!
Terrace Brier is hosting Two New Referee Clinics, Sun March 15th & Sun April 5th 2020, for the upcoming Spring Soccer season. This is a great way for our Players (minimum age 13 years old) and Parents to give back to the game, earn money and help our club by officiating our Spring Soccer games as well as the Fall season. NCYSA Spring League (Rec Soccer) games start on April 11th and conclude May 16th.

Date: Choose either Sunday March 15th 2020 or April 5th 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Mariner Fire Station & Goddard Stadium
Address: 12310 Meridian Ave., Everett, WA 98208
Sign-up: http://www.wareferees.org/AvailableClinics.aspx Select: "Become a Referee: Never been a USSF Referee before"
Then select clinic #1C-147-0320-NGR Everett, WA for March 15th, or #1C-148-0420-NGR Everett for April 5th.

Grassroots (New) Referee Clinic:

USSF Grassroots Referee clinic prepares an individual for matches on all youth games as a Referee or Assistant Referee. Upon successful completion of this clinic, the Referee will receive a referee badge and a Whistle.

  • Certification consists of both online study material and 5 hours of field training.
  • No written exam.
  • The fee is $85.00 (USSF registration fee $70+$15 Clinic Fee) to be paid online during the registration process.
  • Your registration is good until the end of this year and must be renewed annually. To be more specific,
    • If the date of your Grassroots Referee clinic is between Jan 1 and June 30, your registration is good until Dec 31 of the current year.
    • If the date of your Grassroots Referee clinic is between July 1 and Dec 31, your registration is good until Dec 31 of the next year.
Help create a positive experience for our players!
Referee Information


TBSC believes that our youth referee program is an extension of the club's development objectives, fostering physical fitness, mental alertness, honesty, loyalty, courage, reverence, leadership, good sportsmanship, and encouragement of courtesy, gentlemanly conduct, and respect for authority by players, officials and spectators.

TBSC collaborates closely with local referee assignors and trainers to development and invest in our local referees. Just like playing soccer, refereeing requires practice and development. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become and work your way into older or more competitive levels.

Becoming a referee requires commitment, both in terms of the time for certification but also an investment to constantly learn and grow from experience. Once certified, referee's select their own games and schedule via our referee assignment partners Sno-King Referee Group (www.skrefs.org) and North Chapter Soccer Referee (https://www.ncrefs.org).

TBSC Referee Incentive:
Our referee recognition program is designed to acknowledge those referees who consistently accept referee assignments and perform their jobs well. For those that referee 15+ TBSC home games (U9 and above) for the calendar year (including Spring and Fall season), TBSC will reimburse certification and uniform costs up to $150, paid at the end of the year.

North Chapter Referees Pay Scale for Recreational Matches (effective 2019):

Age of Match -Recreational


Assistant Referee


Coach/Parent Referee

Coach/Parent Referee




















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