Spring Registration Info

Spring Soccer 2020

TBSC is excited to announce we will once again be offering a spring soccer season in 2020 for returning fall teams in Boys and Girls in the U8 through U16 divisions.

Registration begins Feb 1st, 2020 and closes March 15th, 2020.

Due to the brief registration window and shorter season, our spring format will not be able to support "open" player registration and/or new team formation like we do in the fall.

Rather, existing coaches will be asked if their team(s) will be participating in spring. Coaches will be coordinating the identification of their roster from existing players, peer TBSC teams and/or friends of players.

Players should reach out to their fall coach to learn whether they intend to form a team.

Spring league placement is independent of 2020 fall team placement.

All players and coaches must register for 2019 spring soccer, fall registration does not automatically carry forward.


  • Spring soccer is offered for Boys and Girls U8 - U16 (birth years between from 2004 to 2012).
    (Note: Full refunds will be granted if North County Youth Soccer Association is not able to field enough teams for any age group.)
  • Interclub play is through North County Youth Soccer Association and SnoKing Youth Club, based on the same age level, format and rules as you played in the fall.
  • U11+: 6 game season, starting the weekend of April 11th with the last games planned May 16th.
  • U8 - U10: being finalized. potentially 8-10 game season, starting April 11th. U8 potentially playing weeknights.
  • Most games expected to be played on Saturdays, but there is a possibility of Sunday games depending on field availability.
  • No official scores or standings kept.
  • TBSC home games likely to be played using fields in Edmonds, Mukilteo School District and/or Kasch Park.
  • Practice schedule will be coach discretion to the extent that it's within the field space and times available.


Player Age Groups


Registration Fee

U8 - U16

Boys and Girls Teams

$45 per player

NOTE: There is an additional $25.00 fee for players who did not participate in the 2019 Fall season. This $25 is the required annual Washington State Youth Soccer player fee.

**TBSC does not offer scholarships for the spring season. Scholarships are available for fall season.**


U8-U16 Boys and Girls

Our spring season will be much less formal than our fall program. With a design and focus on providing extra opportunities to get touches on the ball and have some fun. Coaches have the option to practice during the week, but will be limited to fields and times available.

Game Schedule

The spring soccer season will consist of six games. The first game is scheduled for Saturday, April 11th, and game times will vary depending on field availability. We anticipate all games will be played on Saturdays, but there is a possibility of Sunday games depending on field availability. Due to limited fields and duration of the season, games will not be rescheduled for spring games for any reason.


No new uniforms are needed or provided by TBSC.

Most players will have their uniforms from the fall. Teams can coordinate additional matching jerseys, if desired, through Protime Sports. However, matching color shirts, or whatever else your team decides works just fine as well.

Athletic shoes and shin guards must be worn at all practices and games.

If you have additional questions, please email our Modified Division Director (U8 - U12) or Youth Division Director (U13+).

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.