TBSC Standing Rules

Introduction and Statement of Policy

A. Purpose

The Terrace Brier Soccer Club, (hereafter referred to as TBSC) has been formed to create and provide supervised competitive athletics and teach and develop the game of soccer for all youth players in the Greater South Snohomish County area.

All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which supports the purpose of the TBSC at all times. In the event of conflict or disagreement, all participants are advised to pursue any such problems through the established and proper channels. Any case of significant or continued activity which causes disruption to the overall purpose shall be dealt with by the TBSC Executive Board (hereafter referred to as The Board) or their appointee(s) to the extent necessary to remove or eliminate such disruption(s).

B. Authority

TBSC is a member in good standing with the SSCYSA (South Snohomish County Youth Soccer Association), which in turn is in good standing with WYSA (Washington Youth Soccer Association), which in turn is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation.

All teams (coaches, players and parents), by the act of their forming teams, submitting registrations, and payment of fees, agree to accept the authority of and to abide by the By-Laws, Standing Rules, and all decisions of the Board.

The Board is empowered to set all playing laws and operating rules and regulations within the structure of the By-Laws.

C. Application

The TBSC Standing Rules are designed specifically for youth play.


The soccer year shall begin on September 1 and end the following August 31. The TBSC financial year shall begin on April 1and end on the following March 31.

NOTE: It is recommended that coaches and/or managers contact the players still eligible to play on their team no later than June 1. This will let the players know the team is going to participate again this season, and the coaches and/or managers will know who is returning and who is not.


In order to develop and maintain two-way communication, various organizational meetings are to be held. It is the intent of the Board that all participants not only receive all pertinent information about the program but also have adequate and continuing opportunity to make their inputs to the program. The following are considered by the Board to be the minimum and required for each playing season:

A. General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings shall be held on a minimum of a quarterly basis (with the exception of the August meeting). Each meeting will be held on the 4th Tuesday of the designated month.

Agenda items may include the following:

March - budget approval and registration
May - team/coach identification and registration process
August - equipment and game schedule
September - board member nominations
November - board member elections

Other meetings may be scheduled as needed by the president. Schedule changes will be made via phone, written notification or e-mail.

Each team registered with TBSC will be required to have at least one representative at all General Membership meetings.

B. Board Meetings

The Board shall normally meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The meeting date may be changed from time to time if needed so long as the Board agrees on the new date. In the event of a date change all Board members must be notified 2 weeks prior to the rescheduled meeting.

C. Division Meetings

Each division Director (Micro, Mod and Club) shall conduct at least one organizational meeting for all the coaches/team representatives before the season begins.

The division Directors shall submit a report of the agenda and the attendees to the Board.

NOTE: Should two teams in the same age division desire the same name, the first choice for the name shall rest with the team that has used the name in TBSC longer. The other team MUST choose a different name.

D. Team meetings initiated by the coach.

Each coach must conduct at least one meeting with the parents/guardians of their players. This meeting should be held prior to the start of scheduled play and cover at least:

  1. TBSC By-Laws and Standing Rules, especially for new participants.
  2. Team rules with emphasis on practice schedules, team support, notification procedures and required equipment.
  3. Consequences of missed practices or disruptions during practices
  4. Substitution and playing time policy
  5. Schedules, fees, and post season plans
  6. Based on the age-level, a brief review of the significant Laws of the Game
  7. Any questions or problems brought out by the parents for action or consideration by the Board.


See our Registration Info page for the current age chart.

NOTE: A player's age shall be counted as of August 1 of the Soccer Year.

A. Routine

Players will normally be expected to participate in their regular age bracket

B. Special Size Considerations

All players with advanced ability may play in the next age level with permission of the division Director. Except U6 which may not play up.

During the Soccer Year a player may return to the proper age level provided:

  • There is mutual agreement between parents and coaches
  • · A WYSA transfer form is processed
  • · Full season fee is paid.

A player with significant mental or physical disability may petition the WYSA to play in a division one age group lower than his/her soccer age level. However, such player must be of physical size so as not to gain an undue advantage over the other players in the younger age group. A copy of each petition must be forwarded to the TBSC Board. NOTE: this is a long process. Parents/players wishing to take advantage of this option need to request it as early as possible.


All teams registering to compete in the Fall Season and subsequent seasons are expected to comply with the team formation rules.

A. Divisions

Youth (U-11 through U-19)
Modified (U-8 through U-10): non-competitive
Micro (U-6 and U-7)

B. Coaches

TBSC will invite individuals who will promote and uphold the purpose and goals of TBSC as set forth in the By-Laws to serve as coaches. All TBSC coaches must be approved under the guidelines set forth by WYSA. Acceptance as a coach requires a written response from WYSA and WSP indicating that the applicant is eligible to participate.

A copy of the clearance documents will be retained by TBSC. This policy also applies to all assistant coaches, team managers, club volunteers and other representatives who normally work with TBSC players on a regular basis.

Coaching Qualifications

  1. Modified Division coaches will be encouraged to obtain an age appropriate license within one year.
  2. Youth Division coaches will be encouraged to obtain an age appropriate license within one year.

C. Player Assignment

Recreational teams (U-12 to U-19) can be assigned players by the TBSC up to a maximum of 18.

Micro and Mod teams (U-6 to U-11) rosters cannot exceed the number of players defined in the table below. The rules of competition for the fall league will be used to determine the maximum number of players allowed to play on the field.

Age Group

Max. Players allowed on the field (includes goalie)

Max. on Team Roster TBSC

Max. on Team Roster NCYSA

U-6 & 7

4 (no goalie)


No rules


4 (no goalie)



U-9 & 10




U-11 & 12





Referee and Assistant Referee Cost

TBSC will pay for referee and assistant referee costs, for the duration of the regular season and the WYSA State Tournaments, on home fields assigned to teams by the TBSC Referee Director. Assistant referee costs will only be paid for U11 through U-19 for Select and District and U15 through U19 for Club teams. No refunds will be given to teams, for "no show" referees or assistants referees. Volunteer referees and assistant referees, who are licensed, will be paid the regular rate of pay if reported within 72 hours to the TBSC Referee Director or North Chapter Referee (NCRefs) Directors by phone or email.


In order to maintain a free flow of information TBSC will utilize the following communication methods:

A. Newsletter

The newsletter will be sent to TBSC board members, coaches, and team parents/managers 9 times a year and to the general membership 3 times a year. The content of the newsletter will be determined by the editor. Input for articles will be solicited from the general membership.

B. Team Manager or Contact

Each team will designate an individual to serve as a primary contact for specific information (i.e., registration) that the appropriate TBSC official may directly contact on behalf of each team. This person will be directly responsible for relaying information to the coach or team as directed.


A. Teams

TBSC will hold an award ceremony at the conclusion of the Fall season to recognize the first place Division Winners from league play. Teams in the youth divisions (U-11 through U- 19) are eligible. The awards will be paid for by TBSC.

B. Referees

See Rule 8E - Additional Benefits for Experienced Referees below.

C. Scholarships

TBSC will award financial scholarship(s) to graduating high school senior(s) of the Terrace Brier Soccer Club who have exhibited outstanding and broad support for youth soccer.


Standing Rules (Rule 8: Referees) for each season will be distributed to all TBSC Referees by the TBSC Referee Director prior to or during the season by email.

A. Referee costs paid by TBSC

TBSC will pay the WSSRA (Washington State Soccer Referees Association) Referee registration fee and WSSRA Referee Clinic fees for all referees who work at least 13 (thirteen) games for the club per the season which runs from September 1st to Jan 31st . Payment of the fee is contingent on passing the WSSRA Referee Test for new referees and passing the Refresher Test for experienced referees to keep their license up to date. Referees should contact the Referee Director for Refresher Test place, dates and times. Reimbursement of the fees can be requested by submitting proof of registration and passing the tests, to the TBSC treasurer through the Referee Director. Reimbursement payment will be made in the off season normally between January 31st and April 1st.

B. Referee Licensing

TBSC will only use and pay WSSRA registered and licensed Referees using the United States Soccer Federation three man system of control. Exceptions to the use of non registered and licensed Referees can only be made by the Referee Director for Mod games U9 and U10.

C. Referee Payments

TBSC will pay referees on October 15, November 15, December 15 and January 15 for club games only. All Select and District level matches will be paid through North Chapters Referees Association (NCRefs) on the 2nd Wednesday on October, November, December, and February. Requests for early payment for club games worked, based on need, can be made to the TBSC Referee Director. If approved, the TBSC Referee Director will contact the TBSC Treasurer to issue the check. The Referee Director will supply the TBSC Treasurer with:

  • An address list of TBSC Referees
  • A list of the games worked by each referee. The list will include the referee's first, last name, the game date and place, the age group, center or line, the rate of pay for the game, and payment totals.
  • Payment discrepancies have to be resolved with the TBSC Referee Director first, no later than 45 days from game date.

D. Mod, Club and District Referee Fee Schedule.

Referee payment schedule will be set for each season by the TBSC budget committee. Rates will be based on prevailing rates in the area. For the upcoming seasons, we will follow the recommended NCYSA referee pay scale.

New NCYSA Recommended Recreational Referee Fee Levels for 2018 season:

Age of Match - Recreational














Age of Match - Recreational

Assistant Referees













AR - 50% not to be less than $15.00.

REFEREE CENTERS for District and Select games as follows starting fall 2004:

  • U11-U12 @ $30.00
  • U13-U14 @ $35.00
  • U15-U16 @ $40.00
  • U17-U19 @ $45.00
  • North Chapter Refs take out a 4% chapter dues fee for all district and Select games.
  • U11-U12 @ $15.00
  • U13-U14 @ $19.00
  • U15-U16 @ $24.00
  • U17-U19 @ $29.00
  • North Chapter Refs take out a 4% chapter dues fee for all district and Select games.


E. Additional benefits for experienced referees.

  1. TBSC will provide a referee uniform or referee shirt or a $25 gift certificate after thirteen (15) games that have been refereed for TBSC at the discretion of the Referee Director.
  2. Pizza party at selected referee training meetings.
  3. Current registered referees will be reimbursed their licensing fees at the end of the season when they referee thirteen (15) or more TBSC Club, Select or District matches. Verification will be sent via email at the end of the season. Reimbursement payment will be made in the off season normally between January 15th and April 1st.

F. Use of North Chapter Referee Association for assigning matches.

  1. TBSC will use the North Chapter Referee Association (NCRefs) website to list, manage, and control the scheduling of all U8 through U19 matches. The Referee Director (or Assignor) must follow all regulation and requirements set forth by NCRefs Association. The Referee Director (or Assignor) has the discretion to remove or add referees to matches per game requirements.
  2. The TBSC President will have access into the NCRefs website as required for match and pay verification for assigned Referees and Assignor.
  3. Games shall be listed from September 1st through January 31st for that season on NCRefs website.
  4. NCRefs charges a $1.00 game fee for each club game listed on their website. Billing for those club matches occur at the end of the season.


TBSC will not process, approve, or forward to SSCYSA for processing, a team's application for league play or State Tournament if the team is "not in good standing". A team can be declared "not in good standing" by a majority vote of the TBSC board.

"Not in good standing" includes, but is not limited to:

  • unpaid fees that are due TBSC; such as, player registration fees and field rental
  • disciplinary action taken by TBSC, SSCYSA, District 1, or WYSA
  • disciplinary actions pending from TBSC, SSCYSA, District 1 or WYSA


The purpose of this standing rule is to provide a guide for the TBSC Field Assignor and an equitable program for sharing the limited number of soccer fields between the Terrace Brier Soccer Club and the NW Nationals Soccer Club.

A. Field Sharing

TBSC will schedule field time for practices and games for a limited number of NW Nationals teams:

  1. The number of teams will be no more than 50% of the NW Nationals teams, not to exceed 13.
  2. The teams will be evenly distributed by age (U-11 to U19) and gender.
  3. The fields include Mountlake Terrace Parks Department fields, Killdeer and Edmonds School District fields assigned by TBSC.
  4. By April I NW Nationals will provide the TBSC field assignor with a written list of teams to be scheduled. The list will include team name, age/gender, level of play, coach's & manager's name, phone number, address.

B. Field Scheduling

  1. Fields will be scheduled from April 1st of the current year through March 31st of the following year.
  2. Closed fields, as determined by the owning organization, will not be available for practices or games.
  3. Teams will be assigned a practice field based on requested preference for time and location, size of available fields, and age of team.
  4. Each team will be assigned a maximum of 4 hours of practice time per week until all teams have been assigned. Additional time may be assigned based on field availability.
  5. On August I practice field time will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary to accommodate club and district teams.
  6. In early October practice field assignments may be changed based on expected field availability.
  7. Game fields will be assigned based on the age of the team. First priority will be given to the oldest teams. When more than one team is in an age group, priority will be given in the following order: WSYL, District, Club.

C. Field Costs

The NW Nationals club will be charged for field usage based on the costs incurred by TBSC. These costs include, but are not limited to field rental from Mountlake Terrace Parks Department and field maintenance costs incurred by TBSC. Credit will not begiven for field time scheduled but not used. A field rental fee schedule will be available after TBSC approves its budget in March.

TBSC will bill the NW Nationals club based on field time scheduled for NW Nationals teams. The NW Nationals club will pay Terrace Brier Soccer club according to the following schedule:

  1. May 15 - 50% of estimated annual usage
  2. Sep. 15 - 25% of estimated annual usage
  3. Apr 15 - balance of usage through March 31

Changes to this standing rule for the upcoming soccer season must be approved by TBSC by March 31. The NW Nationals Soccer Club will be notified 45 days prior to any vote on a proposed change to this standing rule and have the opportunity to provide input to the proposal.

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