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TBSC Standing Rules

Introduction and Statement of Policy
revised 2018

A. Purpose
The Terrace Brier Soccer Club, (hereafter referred to as TBSC) has been formed to create and provide supervised competitive athletics and teach and develop the game of soccer for all youth players in the Greater South Snohomish County area.

All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which supports the purpose of the TBSC at all times. In the event of conflict or disagreement, all participants are advised to pursue any such problems through the established and proper channels. Any case of significant or continued activity which causes disruption to the overall purpose shall be dealt with by the TBSC Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Board) or their appointee(s) to the extent necessary to remove or eliminate such disruption(s).

B. Authority
TBSC is a member in good standing with NCYSA (North County Youth Soccer Association), which in turn is in good standing with WYS (Washington Youth Soccer).

All teams (coaches, players and parents), by the act of their forming teams, submitting registrations, and payment of fees, agree to accept the authority of and to abide by the By-Laws, Standing Rules, and all decisions of the Board.

The Board is empowered to set all playing laws and operating rules and regulations within the structure of the By-Laws.

C. Application
The soccer year shall begin on September 1 and end the following August 31.

Players will be expected to participate in their regular age bracket. Requests to "play-up" may be submitted to the club registrar, though are not always granted and will be at the discretion of the club division directors. See our Registration Info page for the current age chart.

TBSC does not have try-outs for recreational team assignments. Everyone who registers can play, assuming we have enough volunteer coaches.

Youth (U-13 through U-19)
Mod (U-8 through U-12)
Micro (U-6 and U-7)

In general players are reassigned to the same teams each year. Exceptions would be:

  • If the player requests a change
  • If the player is playing up a year and requests playing in their own age group
  • If there are not enough players on the team and it is folded and either merged with another team or players are placed on other teams in the age group
  • If the coach leaves without replacement the team may be divided among other teams.
  • If registration is received after the initial registration period as posted on the TBSC registration page.

Team placement during spring season is not an indication or guarantee of team placement for fall season.

TBSC will follow the Procedures and Rules of Competition for Recreational Play as set forth by NCSYA, unless designated otherwise.

All games and competitions under NCYSA shall be conducted subject to the "Laws of the Game" as published or authorized by FIFA and subject to the Rules of Competition of the WYS. NCYSA Playing Rules and Regulations are intended to modify and supplement FIFA and WYS laws and rules and shall supersede any rule in conflict.

Printed copies of the NCYSA Rules of Competition are available for coaches at the beginning at the season. Additionally, NCYSA Rules of Competition can be found on the NCYSA website. NCYSA

TBSC micro-division (U6-U7) shall play intramurally within TBSC and shall post playing rules (as they apply for the playing of games) for those divisions on the TBSC website. However, all other expectations and behavior shall follow the guidelines provided by NCSYA Procedure and Rules of Competition for Recreational Play.

In recreational soccer, each team's group of parents provides the volunteers for coaching and team management. If a parent is not available, TBSC relies on community member volunteers who are willing to coach a team. In some cases, high school or college age students volunteer to coach.

TBSC does provide support and training for volunteer coaches, however, ultimately team coaches are volunteers and are not paid for his/her time. All volunteer coaches register to coach. Their registration undergoes a background check, and they receive a clearance to volunteer with our Club. The background check is completed before he/she is assigned to a team roster.

It is recommended that coaches obtain the official FIFA rulebook and become familiar with the Laws of the Game. The ultimate decision of the interpretations lies with the referee in charge of your game; whether you agree or not.

Coaches, assistant coaches, team manager, trainers, etc, are required to adhere to the WYS Code of Ethics, contained in the NCYSA Procedures and Rules of Competition for Recreational Play. This code has been developed to clarify and distinguish approved and professional, ethical, and moral behavior from that behavior which is detrimental to the development of soccer within the Washington Youth Soccer.

Club recreational soccer is intended to focus on development and fun. The stacking of a team is prohibited. Stacking is defined as any action, whether direct or indirect, overt or covert, by a coach, assistant coach, or parent/guardian to improve the quality of their team by transferring players to their team.

TBSC will hold an award ceremony at the end of the Fall season to recognize the first place Division Winners from league play. Teams in the youth divisions (U-11 through U- 19) are eligible. The awards will be paid for by TBSC.

TBSC will pay for referee and assistant referee costs associated with U8-U19 home matches. TBSC will use and pay North Chapter Soccer Referees ( and will establish a Referee Assignor to assist with filling games and mentoring referees. Assistant referees will only be provided for U11 through U-19. Fees will be in accordance with prevailing NC Refs fee schedule.

To be paid, referees must be certified referees through Washington State Referee Committee (

Failure of a Referee to appear within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled match time will not be cause for canceling the game. The coaches must mutually agree to a substitute Referee; or a home team coach shall referee the first half of the game and a visiting coach shall referee the second half. Once the match has commenced under the supervision of a selected alternate Referee(s), the match shall continue as if said alternate(s) was originally scheduled to referee the match. The alternate(s) may only be replaced by a late arriving scheduled Referee and only upon consent of the alternate(s) who have been selected and commenced the match.

No refunds will be given to teams, for "no show" referees or assistants referees.

TBSC may, by vote of the board, provide certification and licensing support for any referee which works at least 15 (fifteen) home matches, where TBSC it the host club within a calendar year. This reimbursement program will be set and approved each year by the board.


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